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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Lazy Day

I wrote this poem about 30 years ago.It reflected a typical Saturday in my life.
I've never published it before,but since this is my blog i think i can be a little self indulgent.
The cigarettes were an expensive habit,i gave up on September 28th 1986.

Lazy Day

By Jim D

up in the morning at 10 o’clock
everyday movements around the block
look in the fridge for bacon and eggs
empty the teapot of yesterdays dregs

collect the daily paper from the front door
dodge the cat sprawled out on the floor
sit in the armchair with teacup and fag
glance at the headlines while having a drag

half an hour later, off to the loo
a quick wash and shave, and teeth brushed too
look in the mirror combing hair
distinct impression, there’s more grey there

it’s 11 o’clock, there’s a test match on telly
back in the armchair with hands on belly
openers are slow, look at the crossword
listen to the chatter of the neighbourhood blackbird

one o’clock, score – forty for two
look under the stair for missing shoe
into the car and down to the bookies
call at the bakers and buy some cookies

back home, coffee in cup
back to the telly, volume up
first race is due off in five minutes time
should have called for a lager and lime

lose interest in racing when selections go down
contemplate a trip, perhaps into town
decide against, turn back to the match
just in time to see a great catch

half past five, what’s for tea
beefburgers, how many?, as many as three
back to the box, news of the day
everyone wanting to have their say

telly and crossword the rest of the night
it’s been a lazy day all right

1 comment:

  1. Tells it like it is Jim. I hate poems that waffle on about airy fairy stuff and intellectual concepts nobody is interested in. This is honest and tells a story that everyone can identify with. I like it.


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