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Saturday, 15 December 2007

Scots Magazine 1747

I have an 1747 copy of the 'Scots Magazine' given to me a few years ago by my father.It's seen better days but is still readable.

On page 589 is the following verse.No reference is made to the author.

It really is so beautifully versed,i thought it should again see the light of day.
From the Scots Magazine 1747

A Song

How could I venture to love one like thee, Or thou not despise a poor conquest like me !.
On Lords thy admirers could look with disdain, And tho’ I was nothing, yet pity my pain !
You said, when they teaz’d you with nonsense and dress, When real the passion, the vanity’s less ;
You saw thro’ that silence which others despise, And while beaux were prating, read love in my eyes.
Oh ! where is the nymph that like thee ne’er can cloy, Whose wit can enliven the dull pause of joy ;
And when the sweet transport is all at an end, From beautiful mistress turn sensible friend !
When I see thee I love thee, but hearing adore, I wonder, and think you a woman no more ;
‘Till mad with admiring I cannot contain, And kissing those lips find you woman again.
In all that I write I’ll thy judgement require, Thy taste shall correct what thy love did inspire ;
I’ll kiss thee, and press thee till youth is all o’er, And then live on friendship till passions no more..


  1. That is the sweetest poem I've ever read. I can't believe you received no comment! What a beautiful sentiment. I'm so awed by the age of this document, it's around the time my ancestors we planning to leave Scotland for South Carolina. They could possibly have had and read this same journal. It made me teary eyed to think they may have well shared my thoughts!
    As usual, thanks for sharing. I'm so glad you reminded me to check your blog and I'm catching up slowly.

  2. I wonder who the author was ?
    I sent it to a local paper when living in England.They were going to publish it when they re-opened their poetry section.Apparently they too had tears to wipe away after reading it.


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