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Sunday, 24 February 2008

The Mad Maori

Here's an interesting little thing.
A youtube user by the name of howlinblues just subscribed to my videos on jimzvidz.
He's uploaded a clip of a Maori singing in a Maori Showband back in the sixties.
This put me in mind of the Maori High Quins who made a bit of an impact in the UK back in the sixties,and even more in mind of a night club act in Benidorm going under the name of 'The Mad Maori'.
Myself and my late wife had seen this Mad Maori at 'The Talk of the Coast' and she recognised him as one of the Maori High Quins.
After his crazy act act we had a drink with him recalling memories of his Blackpool days.
So,as a matter of interest, i googled madmaori and lo and behold he's got his own website.

I emailed him with the link of this video clip uploaded by howlinbues thinking he might find it of some interest.
This morning i recieved a reply from him thanking me for the link,and informing me that this singer was indeed Dennis Paul who also had been a member of the Maori High Quins.
Anyone heading for Benidorm this year,I highly recommend a visit to 'The Talk of the Coast' to see Junior Tuatara(The Mad Maori).You'll be blown away by his act.

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