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Friday, 7 March 2008

Miserable Morrison

Last year i used a Van Morrison track as the backing music for a YouTube video about the Bladnoch Distillery.YouTube were instructed to take it off by Van Morrisons record company.It was they said an infringement of their copyright.
I used to be such a Van Morrison fan.
Last year at an open air Scottish night in Kirkcudbright i filmed a local singer performing Van Morrisons Brown Eyed Girl.
YouTube have been instructed that it's a copyright infringement,and have removed the video.
So what's their next step.Find the singer and sue him for singing Brown Eyed Girl.
Am i going to get sued for using this picture.
I await my day in court.


  1. If someone posts a vid of Rod Stewart singing 'Have I Told You Lately That I Love You', will Van Morrison sue for an unauthorized use of his song?

  2. You've got a point there Shelley.I sent youtube a message expressing my disappointment,but all i got back was a typical stock-in-trade answer about copyright laws.If i'd paid a fortune for it's use i'd probably have been ok.I'm not as rich as Rod Stewart


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