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Sunday, 27 April 2008

West Freugh-Old Aircraft

After yesterday's walk with the Wigtownshire Ramblers,i decided i'd bypass Stranraer and come back to Newton Stewart via West Freugh.
The UK's most reported UFO incident,back in April 1957 happened at West Freugh.
More on this at
But this wasn't my reason for coming this route.
I've travelled this road quite often since coming back to Scotland,and a few times i've caught glimpses of what looked like old aircraft.
Today armed with my camera i was going to find out what i was seeing.

A few yards along a farm track gave me this frontal view.
There were keep out signs,Mod property,but nothing about taking pictures.Hopefully the Mod wont mind these being uploaded(they're probably already on the internet somewhere).

Further along for a side view from the main road.This is a Tornado isn't it?Someone might correct me if i'm wrong.

Not sure about this one-is it an Armstrong Whitworth Argosy ?
Any plane spotters looking in,click on the picture to get a full size view.


  1. Hello from Boston, Massachusetts, USA!
    The plane without wings is an Argosy. The jet is a U.S. F4 Phantom, a twin engine fighter/bomber. Love your blog - was out walking with my wife, Kathy (who found your blog) in a group of 25, plus two dogs and one red-tailed hawk in Franklin Park this morning.

  2. Hello Ken,good to hear from you in Boston,great city you have there.I've in-laws used to live on West Milton Street Hyde Park,they moved on to Milford and now settled in Oxford.Thanks for the aircraft info.I seem to think i've played the Franklin Park 18 holes.


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Morning deer
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