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Monday, 12 May 2008

Monreith Walk

It's Saturday the 10th of May,and i'm going on a walk today with some Wigtownshire ramblers who for one reason or another haven't booked walks on the Newton Stewart Walking Festival.
I wont be adding much information to this particular blog,as i'll probably be looking more in depth in a future blog of the numerous standing stones and cup and ring marks that are all over this area.

Eleven walkers met up at the Monreith Car Park on Luce Bay.
This will be an easy circular walk taking in the Monreith Estate of the Maxwell family, of whom Gavin Maxwell the author of 'Ring of Bright Water' was a member.

A left turn in Monreith village...

...and we're soon into the beautiful rolling countryside.The Bluebells are in full bloom now.

Over here are the 'Wrens Nest' standing stones.Not visiting today.

This route takes us alongside the wonderfully named hill 'Fell of Barhullion'.That's a future project-I believe i'll get lovely views over Luce Bay from there.

Like most small lochs or Lochans around Wigtownshire,swans are nesting.

This Cabbage White allowed me to get this macro shot.

On the Monreith to Whithorn road we decided to lunch at the Drumtroddan standing stones.A really beautiful spot.

Now more than halfway along our six mile route we're walking through Monreith Estate.
The White Loch of Myrton is on our right side.The one picture i took of it was blurred.
The remains of Myrton Castle were slightly obscured by a washing line.Not suitable for this blog.

There's wild garlic everywhere.

Now it looks like the swamps of the Everglades.

A glimpse of Monreith House.

And now out of the estate and back towards Monreith village.

Sheep and cattle dominate the landscape of agricultural Galloway,and these lovely creatures at Barsalloch seemed happy to pose for pictures.
A very enjoyable walk.

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Morning deer
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