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Wednesday, 25 June 2008


Before heading back to the boat from my Ireland trip,i headed down the Glens of Antrim to visit the good folk of Cushendun.

I arrived via Glenballyeamon,looking as welcoming as ever.

The local councils in both the north and the south of the country have made a grand job of naming townlands and districts in English and Gaelic.
More on the luxurious Mullarts can be found at

Down next to the very quiet beach....

...has been placed this lovely sculpted stone.
I'm not sure whether my grammar is correct,but it reads.
today the misty hills are filled with water : the dun runs brown round stones and over stone or amber over gravel : a bleached branch stranded by spate beside a swaying foxglove rooted in stony splinters : loud it sounds,brimming the air with rush and splash and chatter and over : under these an endless roar,foam-white at boulders damming : ramming froth in the sharp crevices abrupt : it hurries along the glen-foot : past the dripping trees and the combed grasses and the beaded whins : the sounds of running water are it's own,it's natures patient,pliant to all use : but not it's voices,not it's coloured shapes,may offer easy symbols,metaphors or simply pleasure going it's own way.
john hewitt

Like the Cree back in Newton Stewart the Dun's been running low on water.It'll soon be back to it's tumultuous flow,rain's on it's way.

The last time i visited the Bay Hotel had gone,and construction had just started here.It's still scenic,but i think it's lost something in this view.

And here's another victim of the times.

It still retains much of it's character though-even if Mary Mcbride's is no longer the smallest pub in Ireland.

The inscription reads
Sculpted by Deborah Brown and presented by her to the people of Cushendun August 2002
a goat was the last animal to be culled in the foot and mouth outbreak 2001

Johann was a friendly goat for most of the time,but like all goats he could be temperamental.

The green glens of antrim.

And the excellent Cloneymore for a great nights sleep and a hearty Irish breakfast.


  1. i remember getting a butt from the goat!!! bless him.

    i can't believe the bay hotel has gone. what a shame.

    lovely photos as usaual.

  2. I visited Antrim in 2002 and found it to be a wondeful friendly place. Why are they so interested in lining the coast with buildings and destroying the character of the small villages? Americans have done the same thing and it irks me no end! But with the hurricanes and the replacement costs on insurance, we may be rid of that blight soon-the sooner the better.

  3. This is a passage from the Glens of Antrim Historical Society and their view on the Bay Hotel replacement.

    (Now demolished, it is replaced by 46 apartments of very considerably increased mass and bulk designed to replicate a west of Scotland fishing village frontage of nineteenth century houses converted to flats. This idiotic pastiche is what passes for architecture and enjoys the blessing of the planning service who purport to be preserving and enhancing the conservation area.)


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Morning deer
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