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Friday, 22 August 2008

A few days in Fife-Falkland Hill

Tuesday the 19th of August 2008
After a very soggy Monday in Edinburgh,i'm heading over the Forth Road Bridge to the kingdom.
I'm staying with an aunt in Glenrothes for a few days,and i get to meet one of only two first cousins i've never before met.

The Lomond hills are only a short way from Glenrothes,so we head out there hoping there'll be a break in the weather so we can do a little climb.My aunt's a member of her local ramblers group,so there's no fitness problems.
When me and my cousins were small boys we took off from Springfield one day to climb East Lomond locally known as Falkland hill.We must have been around ten or eleven years old,and we were away all day.It's around seven miles each way.We got some telling off that night.I haven't been up since.

It's still raining as we get to the car park,but it soon eases off a bit.

Armed with umbrellas we start climbing.The heathers in full bloom at this time of year.We meet some very wet people making their descent.

As well as the sheep on the slopes we're treated to a deer bounding over the heather.

Were soon up the top,visibility's very poor,but the comprehensive viewpoint indicator tells us what we would be looking at on a clear day.

Falkland with it's palace lies below us...

...and the weather gives my pictures a different parspective.

This looks like Freuchie and i think that would be the Clatto reservoir in the distance.

In the other direction are the Harperleas,Ballo and Drumain reservoirs..

..a zoomed in Harperleas.

We make our way back down via the trig point which is is on a slightly lower summit,getting back in the car just as the heavy rain comes back.
I wonder if we enjoyed it as much 55 years ago.


  1. Really pleased you enjoyed your trip, it always adds to the experience when you can reminisce while you admire the scenery. Shame about the weather, but brilliant photos anyway. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Thanks No1 it was good.Might head back over for the Leuchars Air Display.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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