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Friday, 22 August 2008

A few days in Fife-St Andrews

Wednesday the 20th of August 2008.
St Andrews
Today as part of a tour of the villages and towns of my youth,we're visiting St Andrews.It never stopped raining at all today,so the picture quality has suffered.
We parked by the Golf Museum just below the Old Course Clubhouse.

We're taking a walk along St Andrews eatern edge.This is a seafood restaurant,but we weren't tempted.

I've been back to St Andrews a number of times since my childhood,but i haven't done this walk for about forty five years.This geological wall is new to me.

Here at the St Andrews aquarium,is where we used to swim.. was the Step Rock open air swimming pool,me my brother and cousins had some great days swimming here.I can only assume they have one of those modern leisure centres now.Ah progress eh!

St Andrews is home to Scotlands oldest and Britains third oldest university.The architecture throughout the town reflects this.

I haven't been in the castle since i was a lad.My only real memory of it is the Bottle Dungeon,a 24 feet deep hole carved out of solid rock with the neck being the only way in or out.

We're heading past the ruins of the 12th century cathedral..

..with all it's nooks and crannies and fiery history.

Down on the rocks are Herons,Cormorants and other seabirds,while the cannons of a bygone age look out to sea.

There's one fishing boat trying his luck.

We drop down to the harbour where the other boats sit quietly waiting for fair weather.We had ice cream walking along here.Ice cream is usually associated with sunny summer days,but the rain couldn't stop my taste buds being tickled with a Rum and Raisin cornet.

We're on the return part of our walk now.Here at the entrances to St Rule and St Leonards colleges an old moss covered wall separates them.

The tarmac on the road may be recent,but if these walls could talk no doubt they'd have a tale to tell.

Back at Step Rock a young man braves the waves and the weather.

A look in the window of the golf museum saw the end of our St Andrews visit.
No matter the weather St Andrews is great place to visit.

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