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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Cairngarroch Bay

Tuesday the 23rd of September 2008.
I'm heading down to Cairngarroch Bay in the South Rhinns.

This was the scene of a world war two disaster when a US Dakota Air Ambulance crashed into the cliffs above.
A book 'The Rhinns' Forgotten Air Disaster, One Man's Search for the Facts" by Sandy Rankin' has been written by a local man.

Two American Dakota planes carrying wounded D-Day survivors flew into thick fog as they approached the Rhins coast on their way to Prestwick and then the United States.
But the men in one of them never returned home, nor did the crew and one RAF man from Ayr who had hitched a lift home with his bicycle - 22 in total. For it flew too low and crashed into cliffs at Cairngarroch Bay near Portpatrick.

There's a commemorative plaque down here riveted into the rocks.It was dedicated in a ceremony on July 27th 1999.I didn't find it-it was probably right under my nose-i'll make sure i get a picture on my next visit.

There's a well maintained cottage down here,fishermans or holiday.

It looks like a great place to get away to.

This fishing boat was out in the bay all the while i was there.Perhaps they're the present occupants.

Two tiny waterfalls gave off a surreal mist.This picture barely shows the eerieness of it.

There's a number of caves along here.Mostly inaccessible or with great difficulty to reach.This one is Red Cave.

It goes back a good thirty odd feet.Bits of driftwood,plastic and other flotsam and jetsam are scattered about the cave.

A view from near the back.

Seabirds and crows circle above.

A seashore plant is firmly established in a crevice in the rocks

The coastal footpath doesn't seem to be well used,but the views up here are lovely.

Behind me the caves..

..and south to the Mull of Galloway.
The going up here is fairly rough and it's beginning to cloud over,so after a short distance I retraced my steps and called it a day.
This is a lovely place,I'll be making a return visit.

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