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Monday, 15 September 2008

Leuchars Air Show 2008

Saturday the 13th of September and we're hoping the weather will brighten up for the Air Display. As it happened it remained 'dreich' for the best part of the day. People were there in their thousands. We opted for Park and Ride,which was by far the best option.
Because of the low cloud,the aerial programme was decimated.Even with the weather as bad as it was,it was still a great day,and without doubt great value for money.
It's taken me an absolute age to upload the video clip and the pictures,so i'll let them speak for themselves.


  1. Very good photos,considering the poor weather and rain affected programme. Still enough flying to make it an enjoyable event by the looks of it.The video and photos brought back memories of our first visits to Finningley, ooh thats quite a few years ago now . I have vivid memories of happening upon a Red Arrows display in Oulton Broad, where it felt like one of them seemed to fly alongside us . Brill

  2. Hi Jim, Whats going on with the pic czech.JPG, it looks like theres a bit of a ghost of another pic in there! And what was the big fireball all about, did something crash?
    I heard all about your encounter with my Mum and Dad, I thimk they're looking forward to a visit at Benyellary!
    Jayne x

  3. Hi Jayne,the czech plane was positioned such between the hangars that you couldn't get far enough back to take a full length picture-so i morphed a front and back and that was the result.
    The fireball was part of the Battle of Britain enactment.
    Yup,it was easy recognising a Trembling Wannabee.


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