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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Wigtownshire Ramblers-Mulldonoch

It's Saturday the 27th of September 2008 and tomorrow i'm officially an old age pensioner.
What better way to prepare for it than a climb up Mulldonoch.
Ten die hard ramblers meet up at Caldons car park at the west end of Loch Trool.

Our illustrious leader gives us details of the walk including terrain,duration and difficulties to expect.

Heading up through Caldons Wood,we're following the Caldons Burn.The burn and the trees are easy on the eye.
There is a path,but it's quite overgrown through lack of use.Brambles,ferns and whippy branches are carefully negotiated.

A forest road gives us our first break...
...where adjustments are made...

...and witticisms passed.

Now we begin climbing.I've brought along two climbing poles with me today.At the end of the day they kept me upright-glad i fetched them.

Being a fairly steep slope,there are waterfall all the way up this section.

The going is quite heavy... frequent pauses are required.

A clearing gives a view over the other side of Glentrool.Spot the almost hidden rambler.

Thousands of years of flowing water have created deep gullies.Pictures never seem to show the perspective of depth.Had there been a rambler prepared to go down and stand by the falls it would have helped.There were no volunteers.

Continuing upwards...

...we meet the Mulmein Burn joining the Caldons burn.Here we had to cross the Mulmein to get back on Caldons

Nearly out of the forest...
...and we have the first of our lunch breaks.I think if i hadn't sat down i'd have fallen down at this point,but it's amazing what a rest and some sugar and caffeine can do.

On the move again and we're now on the slopes of Cambrick Hill.Neighbouring hills and landmarks are recognised and pointed out.

Mulldonoch comes into view.

Slopes are getting steeper.

The final assault.Hope i can make it.

And we're there.It's become overcast.The only sun showing are bright patches on faraway hills.It's turning cold too.I'm the last to put my coat,wooly hat and gloves on.

Photo calls follow.

'Watch the Birdie'

Even with the turn in the weather there's still plenty of views.Mullwharchar in the distance.The Rig of the Jarkness and others hills closer.
Lochs Neldricken and Dee.The Long and Round Lochs of Glenhead.

We find shelter below the summit for our second break.

Soon enough we're on the move again.Here we're approaching the wonderfully named 'Nick of the Lochans'.

A group photo with Loch Dee behind.

Zooming in back to Mulldonoch summit,a number of inquisitive goats check where we've been.

Further down the descent we cross the Shiel burn...


Tussocks,heather and potholes on this section.A few near misses and the occasional unintentional sit down provided a lot of yelps and laughs.

Soon the forest road was in view and we were back on terra firma.

Another little break to catch our breath and we're heading along to the bridge at Glenhead.Here we're joining the Southern Upland Way for the last stretch.

The Battle of Glentrool was seven hundred and one years ago.There was a seven hundredth anniversary last year.A short clip on YouTube can be found at

The strange markings on this rock may be glacial,but could it be one of the rocks Bruce's men hurled down?

Now heading along the southern edge of Loch Trool it starts raining.It's only a light drizzle and the forest shelters us till we arrive back at Caldons.
Did i really lose two pounds on this walk or are my bathroom scales faulty.
What a brilliant walk.


  1. Yes it looked like a brilliant walk, wish I was there! You mentioned Loch Dee, we did a walk near there in August and came across that big stone with all the strange markings, do you know what it's all about? We also came across an Adder at the side of the track!

  2. Hi Jayne,yes it was agreat walk.It was just a pity that the clouds came in.
    I don't think i've seen the big stone you're referring to,I've a lot to see yet.


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