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Friday, 3 October 2008

Interesting Links (or some silly stuff to look at and play with when you've nothing else to occupy your mind)

Clicking on the underlined links will take you there.

Bar da Boa
This first one is likeable,trouble is it's in Portugese.When the lady has loaded fill in first and second names,then click on VISUALIZAR

Red Square
This one tests your reactions.

Singing Horses
Here we have the old favourite Singing Horses.Clicking on each horse provides an accapella chorus.

Jigsaws of varying difficulty.

Here's a very clever Gopher who'll guess a symbol matching a number you've picked.

Very hot cursor
Overworking your computer.Beware !

Flower Garden
Create your own magical colourful garden.

Thirty Three
How quickly can you catch the thirty three numbers.

Guess your number
Another 'Guess your number' game.



  1. Thanks for these - my new ways to waste time! Have gone for 18.5 seconds on Red Square, so must be brilliant! And I can get 33 in 42 seconds so far . I think we should hear how all viewers have done, dont you?

  2. Hello No1-you've done better than me on the Red Square.
    I agree what you say about how well other viewers have done,but i think most of my viewers lead too active lives to leave comments.
    Good to hear from you.


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Morning deer
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