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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Minnigaff and the Penkiln Burn

We had a bit of sunshine last Friday the 24th of October,so i decided to take a walk over to Minigaff and the Penkiln burn.

I headed past the museum where the old soldier remains on guard and on over the George V FootBridge, Old Minnigaff to Monigaff Parish Church.

There are some really old gravestones here.

This is the tomb of a son of one of the Earls of Galloway,who died in 1827 aged 54.
There's ruins behind this tomb of a pre-Reformation church on medieval foundations.

Here are generations of the well known and high ranking McKie family of Bargaly...

...and equally if not more well known,the Heron family of Bargaly.This is apparently a B listed monument.
Somewhere in the grounds,I'll look the next time, is a 900 year old Yew tree.

Here's a gathering of Murrays.
My fathers mother was a Murray,and there are quite a number in the area.I really should get some more work done on the family tree.I'll bet there's a connection somewhere.

Some of the pictures i stitch together give a different slant on the subject by distorting the images.This church isn't really bevelled as this picture shows.

Now i head along the Penkiln Burn to Queen Mary's bridge.

Here the Penkiln dives through the rocks and under the Bridge.

The burn mostly flows through one arch.Last week it flowed through them both.Another fine picture missed.

This is a favourite spot for artists.There's a couple from the mid 1800's in the museum.

And from the other side.

I've created these last few pictures using Autostitch.
This one's about right.

This is a six picture compilation.

And if i'd been able to match the burn here ? but i couldn't so never mind.

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