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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A 'Wet and Dry' weekend

It's Saturday the 4th of October,and i've got visitors from Tasmania staying with me.
I'd intended to show them some of the attractions of the forest park,but in view of the awful weather that idea was discarded.
After visiting Wigtown and Monreith the first ease in the weather came here at Port William

The man looking out to sea wisnae fashed wan bit.

Waves battered the sea walls.

And further up Luce Bay the shore was decidedly choppy.

Over at Stranraer the rain eased temporarily....

....which made no difference at all to this diver.

Back in Newton Stewart the Cree continued it's merry flow,while i and my guests continued with the wet theme by partaking of the 'uisge-beatha'.

What a difference a day makes.It's Sunday the 5th of October,there's an early frost and beautiful sunshine.

It's a great day to visit Scotlands most southerly point.

A climb up the 115 steps of the lighthouse.

There's a lot of activity on the water today.

The lighthouse stands proud against the blue sky.

The now silent foghorn.It's voice unable to be heard even in ceremony due to corrosion in the compressed air tanks.

A view over to Gallie Craig,the promontory from which the coffee house and tea room takes it's name.

More visitors climb up to the lighthouse.On your descent you get a certificate of achievement.
Coffee,tea,scones and fruitcake were the order of the day in the cafe.

Heading north again and stopping for this view of Drummore Harbour.

Portpatrick is very busy today,had a job finding a parking space.

We climbed the steps to go view Dunskey castle.

The Fishing Hire boat returns...

...and another pulls out of the water.

There's lots of expensive cars here today as well as this unusual and no doubt very expensive mode of transport.These 'Trikes' seem to be becoming very popular,i've seen a few this year.

One of Portpatricks well fed resident pigeons.

Climbing up the steps at the beginning or end of the Southern Upland Way it's time to try a panoramic view.

It's goodbye Portpatrick...

...and hello's getting late in the day-the Corsewall lighthouse must wait for another time.

The programmed walk for the Wigtownshire ramblers on Saturday was cancelled due to the weather conditions.This is the view they'd have been heading out to.

After eating out in Stranraer we're out looking at the ferry terminal...

...and a walk through the fair.
Saturday the wet was interesting enough,but Sunday the dry certainly made the weekend.Lovely memories i hope to take back to Tasmania.

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