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Friday, 21 November 2008

Strand of the Abyss

Friday 21st of November and late in the day i thought i'd like a warm up walk for the Ramblers tomorrow.
Looking at the map i picked out the exotic sounding 'Strand of the Abyss'.
Parking up at Auchinleck Bridge,i headed north on a forest road.Where i'm heading is somewhere towards the left side of this view.It comes down between Black Benwee,Stronbae and Crammery Hills.

Over to the east,Cairnsmore and Millfore are clear.

There's a lot of RAF jets about today,this was the closest i could picture.They fly so fast,by the time the camera shutters click it's nearly gone.

A rotten tree's become a home for lots of fungi

Here i go past Hespies Linn Waterfall.I zoomed in for this picture,i'll get closer on a better day.

Now guess what this is-yes you've guessed it's the 'Strand of the Abyss'.Not sure what the arranged stonework indicates-maybe i'll get the story of the strange name sometime.

This i'm sure isn't the abyss,but the wee burn flows through it before entering the Penkiln Burn.I think the forestry deliberately dam a lot of these burns,probably they're in case of fire,and they've a ready source of water..
Interesting,but I expected something more befitting the name.Perhaps there is an abyss somewhere along it's course.?..

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Morning deer
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