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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Water of Minnoch and the Roman Brig

This year the Wigtownshire Ramblers have twice visited the Old Bridge of Minnoch.
For one reason or another i missed both walks.
Also known as the Roman Bridge or Brig it's a well known part of the Galloway Forest Park.
Today i decided to have a look.
Leaving the car at Brigton Woods i followed the path along the Water of Minnoch.There's quite a few meanders along here.A quiet pool to the left could be otter territory.I didn't see any today though.

This pool away from the river had some wee trout in it.A wee burn flows through.

Having spotted the bridge,i guessed there would be an easy path to it,so I followed the main path to this point where the river widens.

Finally i'm at the Roman Brig.This is from downstream.

This from the Glentrool side...

...and a close up.
One teeny shower of rain didn't spoil this nice wee walk.

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Morning deer
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