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Thursday, 11 December 2008

A frosty december day in Galloway

I took a run up to Glentrool and the Straiton road today.Like much of Britain we're in the middle of some freezing weather.(Maybe not the middle,i can't say how long it will last)

Panorama of A Galloways Hill View. on

The hills were picturesque though.A lot of icy patches on the road made me abandon my plan to go to Loch Moan.
Dropping back down to Glentrool i thought i'd accept an invite to call for coffee.Unfortunately there was no one in.I'll call again.

My back up plan for a coffee was at Glentrool school,and although i was offered one i thought it prudent to refuse-afternoon classes had resumed.
I did get a tour of the school though-the headmistress very kindly showed me round.What a wonderful place to be educated.Thank you.

Here on the 11th of December 2008 at Glentrool the frosty days continue.
It'll soon be summer.

Panorama of Glentrools frosty school playground. on

Heading back to Newton Stewart the Cree looked as though it was inviting me to take pictures.

The 11th of December 2008,north of Newton Stewart and just south of Clachaneasy where the Cree looked as though it could freeze over after a few more days of frost.

Panorama of The River Cree near Clachaneasy on

As a lad in Fife I remember the river Eden being frozen.Maybe long cold winters are making a return.

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Morning deer
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