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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Panoramas of Newton Stewart and the Cree Valley

It's the third day of December 2008.Here in Wigtownshire in South West Scotland we haven't had a lot of snow up to now,but today it stayed frosty.
With walking boots on i headed up to the woods above Barhill Farm Newton Stewart.Of the resultant photos i've combined a few into a PS3.

Panoramas from Jim Deans on Vimeo.

Panoramas from Jim Deans on Vimeo.
A click on the four arrows next to 'Vimeo'on the video screen will show the clip full screen.


  1. New years eve, we are looking at your blog site as you are not answeering your skpe call. after a bottle of Pinot Noir, we have had a tour of your town. Very nice. From your Brother, Sister in Law,Cousin and Cousin in Law in Roxburgh, NZ


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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