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Sunday, 14 December 2008

Wigtownshire Ramblers-Ardwell

Saturday the 13 of December 2008,there's been a lot of overnight rain.
We,the walkers meeting up at Newton Stewart Riverside carpark,decided that Somerfields car park was a better option today.

We're a total of 21 walkers today,and todays walk will take us to the west coastline of the South Rhins.

Our first stop though is a little further inland where we meet up to view the Kirkmadrine Stones.

The Kirkmadrine Stones stones sit in the previous entrance to the now disused Kirkmadrine Church. The church sits on a small hill with an open outlook.The stones are behind glass for protection to the stones and photographs have to be taken through the glass.
The stones are thought to be the earliest examples of Christian carvings in Scotland except for those found at Whithorn. The crosses have examples of the Chi-Rho carving of early Christianity. This is the monogram of X and P denoting the first two letters of the word "Christos" in Greek, meaning Christ.
Our walk today is in three sections,so now we pile back into the cars and head west.
This is geese migration season,and this was the tail end of of a much bigger flock.

Our next stop is here at Cairngarroch bay.This was the scene of a world war two disaster when a US Dakota Air Ambulance crashed into the cliffs above.I blogged a previous visit here,and anyone interested in seeing more pictures can click here.Cairngarroch Bay

The original plan was to head south on the coastal path from here,but our walk leader found it impassable on the recce.The change of plans mean we now head back to the cars and move to our next starting point.
A short car journey brings us to Little Float farm,where we park up.

It's a short walk from the farm to Float Bay.Here we'll take our lunch.

No doubt this is someones holiday home.What a beautiful setting.If the owners happen upon this page,we didn't disturb anything i promise.

After lunch our route along the rocky shoreline had to be carefully tread.This was one of two burns that had to be crossed.

Luckily the electric fences were turned off.

This seal kept popping his head up to see what we were up to.

Somewhere around a place known as Arthurs Slunk we had to scramble up from the shore.It was a grassy bank,but nearly vertical in places.

Now above the cliffs we had a lovely view back to Float Bay and what is probably Water Cave.It looks as though it would need to be explored at low tide.

After a lovely view over to Ardwell point (I need to explore this headland and see Doon Broch) we head inland again.

Here we're approaching Kenmuir.Thirty three thousand hits for Kenmuir on Google.

Time for another break,and the distribution of sweeties.

Now we're heading back to the shore.

The name here relates to an age gone by.There's another Saltpans Bay north of Killantringan Lighthouse,mentioned in a previous blog.

Another rocky shoreline,but this one isn't so far...

...we're soon walking on sand...

...this is Ardwell Bay we're entering.We take another break here.

It's only a short walk from here to High Ardwell where we'll wait for the cars to be ferried back.Our walk leader lives here,and provides welcome hot drinks and scones to those who want and need them.I did.

With the added bonus of tea and scones this was another thoroughly enjoyable walk.

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