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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The Wigtownshire Ramblers 2008

I meant to put this on at the beginning of the year,but it slipped my mind.Apologies for the poor picture quality due to size limitation on uploads.

Wigtownshire Ramblers 2008 from Jim Deans on Vimeo.
After joining the Wigtownshire Ramblers in January 2008,most of my Saturdays were taken up walking around Wigtownshire and the lovely Galloway Hills.Apart from one dizzy spell and one pulled calf muscle,i completed many of the walks.
Set to music,this then is a selection of the many hundreds of pictures i took of my fellow ramblers during our 2008 walks.(That's not strictly true,there are included a few pictures taken by a fellow rambler whom i call Scoop 1,and who i thank for enabling me to appear in my own production)
As will be evident by the pictures the walks were very varied.They could be colourful and bright or grey and dreich,long or short,hard or easy,but no matter the conditions they were always upbeat.
A happy New Year to ramblers everywhere.

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Morning deer
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