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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Cairngarroch Bay in the South Rhins

A look at Cairngarroch Bay and Red Cave on the South Rhins in South West Scotland.
Back in WW2,Cairngarroch Bay was the scene of a very poignant and tragic air crash.
Two American Dakota planes carrying wounded D-Day survivors flew into thick fog as they approached the Rhins coast on their way to Prestwick and then the United States.
But the men in one of them never returned home, nor did the crew and one RAF man from Ayr who had hitched a lift home with his bicycle - 22 in total. For it flew too low and crashed into cliffs at Cairngarroch Bay near Portpatrick.
Now out of print,Sandy Rankins book 'The Rhinns' Forgotten Air Disaster' tells the harrowing story.
The floor of Red Cave is totally covered with flotsam and jetsam,hence the dodgy camera work.
Occasionally above the sound of the waves can be heard a noisy Oystercatcher.

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