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Saturday, 2 May 2009

TALON-The best of the Eagles

It's the first of May,and i'd just about forgotten that Talon were on at the Ryan Centre Stranraer.No 1 had recommended i go and see them.
I'd made up my mind not to go because of a niggly cough.
So glad i changed my mind at the last minute,they were brilliant.
I got permission to take pictures,but without flash.Here's a collage of the less fuzzy ones.

I'd recommend them to any fan of the Eagles and music of that ilk.
They're on the net here

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  1. Hiya, very very glad you went, they really are fantastic aren't they, we will be going again when they visit Scunny again this year. I think probably on a par with seeing the real thing, because you're never going to get up that close and personal to the Eagles! Pleased you enjoyed it - I do know what I'm talking about sometimes!


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