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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

An Osprey in the Machars

Bank Holiday Monday 25th of May in the Machars in South West Scotland,i stumbled across this Osprey Nest.
It's the one shown on webcam in the County Buildings in Wigtown.
I quietly got myself out of sight for a few photograph and video.


  1. It`s great to see them thriving again.There are 3 pairs within 20 miles of Glasgow that I know about.
    Pity the egg thieves stole an entire clutch up in Speyside last week.Why on earth do they do it...can only think it is an addiction or disease they suffer from...

  2. They're known as 'Eggers'.I remember just before i came out of exile,the case of an egger in Cleethorpes.
    His case is on the RSPB blog at

    There's an interesting item also at

    I don't feel any sympathy for the guy going to jail,but it's a case of working out right and wrong.
    While growing up in Fife,when we didn't know any better,me and my cousins following the example of older boys all started egg collections.
    'Only take one egg' was the rule,then the bird will come back to the nest.
    With maturity came the realisation that what we were doing was wrong.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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