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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Wild Wood and the Old Edinburgh Road

Saturday the 9th of May 2009.There's no Ramblers walk today due to the Newton Stewart Walkfest taking place.
There are a few separately isolated parts of the Galloway Forest Park,and one of these is just north west of Minnigaff just off the Old Edinburgh Rd.
I headed off for a little circular walk through Wild Wood.

I veered off the main path through the coniferous plantation to head up Torwhinnoch Hill.
Up here there's about eight magnificent old beech trees.The top picture is a stitching of nine separate photographs.The bottom picture is to show some perspective.It's of the centre tree from the other side of the drystone wall.

Through the woods and i make my way back over fields on the route of the Old Edinburgh Road.Lambs and Wild Garlic are abundant.

Back on tarmac heading down towards Cumloden,i thought i'd seen the Sasquatch man,but it was only an eerie looking moss covered drystone wall and a fallen leaf making faces at me.

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Morning deer

Morning deer
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