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Sunday, 7 June 2009

The Glebe in Ireland-Episode 1

The weather turned colder as my short trip to the Emerald Isle began....
...i was in Stranraer in plenty of time to snap my ferry,the Stena Caledonia coming in.

It's 6.45 am as i look back at Stranraer.
After a three hour crossing,i'm on my way towards Enniskillen.It's a two and a half hour drive.

Here's where i'll stay for the next few days.
A part climb up the Cuilcagh Mountain for the panorama below.

Panorama of A Cuilcagh View on

Today i'm in Carrick on Shannon,in Murtaghs Bar,i'm using their wi-fi facilities while sipping a slow shandy on a fairly nice day.
Pictures from Carrick and Dromad to follow in Episode 2 (assuming i get further wi-fi access.
Cheerio the noo.

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Morning deer

Morning deer
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