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Monday, 8 June 2009

The Glebe in Ireland-Episode 2

Its Sunday the Sunday the 7th of June and i'm up early.The clean irish air has allowed me a good nights sleep.
After breakfast i'm into the car and heading south.
Through sleepy Dowra,and along the shores of Lough Allen,through Drumshambo and Leitrim village.There's been so much development around the Shannon/Erne waterways lots of places are totally unrecognisable from twenty years ago.Almost everywhere a pleasure craft could pull in,there's now at least one apartment block,and in many cases a four or five star hotel.
Now i'm in Carrick on Shannon,and take a walk along the waterway.I think i mentioned on my last visit here the way Carrick had changed.Lots of hotels and shops.There seems to be lots of tourists about.The Wi-Fi i was looking for was closed,so i headed out south to meet up with the folks from america.

Arriving at Dromod,and Cox's Steak House,i enquired the whereabouts of my people.The landlord then proceeded to give me long winded direction how to get there-upon asking for a slip of paper to write them down-i discovered i was being wound up with some irish humour-they were in the apartment upstairs.

After being reunited with the good folk from over the pond,we took a walk down the harbour.Dromod was another sleepy village you'd pass through on the way to Dublin.Now the motorway by passes it,but it's not short of people.There's lots more new houses here.There's even a gated development.This is all for the pleasure craft people.
In the picture above spot the horse and foal...

...I'm not sure how old the foal was,but the mother was still cleaning her up from her birth-an anxious owner was just leaving.
After refreshments i headed back to Carrick to look for my wi-fi connection,and another look round.It's certainly picturesque-lots of bikers about today.

Later,back at Dromod-i take a tour of the Dromod Narrow Gauge railway and Museum,run by a fellow called Michael.I'll do a feature on this later.A really amazing place.

After some more socialising and feasting on very special 'Tacos',i called it a day and headed back to my holiday home.
I had a lovely day.

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  1. Sounds like you're having a lovely relaxing stay, it makes me impatient for our trip over in the summer. Lovely photos, the weather looks like its staying dry as well. Hope you are ready for climbing a mountain tomorrow and that you have good weather for that too. Best wishes to the visitors from the big old U.S. of A.
    Keep Blogging, loving reading it . See ya soon.


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