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Friday, 26 June 2009

Island Hopping with the Glebe-Day 4 early

This will be quite a concise blog.I've only a short time to do it before i get my car clamped.
I'm in Oban Backpackers here on day 5 since there was no room at Syha Oban.

A cloudy morning as i awoke on Islay.I'm up early enough to get my porridge and fruit before leaving Port Charlotte and heading for the ferry at Port Ellen.
The road is quiet as i head for the 9.30 sailing.There's a little bit of life in Bowmore as i pass through.
From Bowmore,i think it's thirteen miles to Port Ellen,much of it on one long straight road.

It's a bit busier at Port Ellen,the boat eventually comes in,and they manage to squeeze some of the extra traffic onto the boat.It seemed to me there was still a lot left waiting on the quay.
The crossing goes ok,once back on the Mull of Kintyre the sun comes out again.Here's a different view of the Paps of Jura.
Off the boat and heading up the Mull of Kintyre,i'm on my way to Oban.
I stop here at the lock gates on the Crinan Canal.
The rest of the run to Oban was very scenic but quiet enough.
Day 4 will continue in the next blog.I've got to go.

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Morning deer
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