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Friday, 26 June 2009

Island Hopping with the Glebe-Day 5

Day 5,and i need to get out of bed just as i've been getting some sleep.
I feel like i've just toured Islay's nine distilleries.
A shower and a shave help,and i'm on my way to the ferry terminal.
It's another great day as i book some more forward sailings.I get into conversation with another Canon camera owner and his wife.One thing i've noticed on this trip is how people on holiday seem more friendly.I know the Scots are anyway as a rule,but even startched shirted english folk seem to relax a little.This couple were easy to talk to though,they were from Perthshire.

We leave McCaigs tower sitting atop Oban and head west.The top deck's well packed today.
Islands and far off hills are the landscape.
Approaching Mull Duarts Castle comes into view.I'd like a pound for every time this scene's been snapped.
Off the ferry,and i'm heading towards Tobermory.I pull in to let most of the ferry traffic past so i can take it east.It's a scallop operation,and the sign says Scottish Fisheries.Another sign says unauthorised vehicles park at their own risk.
Visitors parking looked ok,and this was my first contact on Mull.
Basically i was trespassing according to the man who hadn't seen me approach.My arguement about good views was countered with 'Didn't you see the 'Authorised Personnel Only' sign.I did notice a small wooden post with something on the way out.Not a good start.Now i'm thinking i should have stayed in bed.
Continuing on undaunted but really tired,along the road with passing places every 100 odd metres,i get to Tobermory...'s certainly a beautiful place,but looking very commercialised...
...but it's got a little gem in the tame otter down by the ferry terminal.I'll hopefully have a little video clip of this wee fella later.
Now i take off to have a look at Ben More and other parts of the island...
...I did take a little walk towards Ben More,but my tiredness meant i wasn't doing Mull the attention it deserved.
It's such a rugged place,there were signs of outdoor activity everywhere.Boats,bivvies and bikes were prevalent.
Here i spotted a large bird going into the trees.My suspicion it was an Eagle was confirmed by the row of twitchers i talked to a little further along the road.
This was the only bird i managed to snap...maybe someone can tell me what it is.
By now i thought if i didn't stop driving i'd become a menace on the road,so i made my way back to Craignure and the earlier ferry back to Oban.
An early start tomorrow,no later than 7.30 book in.
I'm heading to Locboisedale on South Uist.
Next instalment whenever...


  1. I'm thoroughly enjoying reading about all your exploits Jim, looks like you're having a great time, weather looks like it's being kind to you. It would be great to see a map marking out your journey. Looking forward to the next installment !

  2. Sorry for late reply Jane.Thanks for your comment.I'll draw a map when i do a supplementary blog of the trip.

  3. it looks like a hooded crow or a hybrid carrion+hooded crow. nice pic.

  4. The sad news of the death of Elvis,the tame otter in Tobermory Harbour,has resulted in a campaign to erect a statue in his memory.

    Google Elvis Tobermoray for the story


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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