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Monday, 29 June 2009

Island Hopping with the Glebe-Day 7 Ben Mor

Day 7
Hang your head in shame you who doubt my abilities.
Today i will climb Ben Mor.

Well! it might not be the Munro of Mull Ben Mor,but it's a canny wee hill at 620 mtrs and i can take as long as i like.I'll be doing it from sea level.

After my porridge i'm off.Parking just along from the hostel a little,I'm walking up past where the peat bogs are.They have machine cut turf,but there's a lot of turf still being cut in the traditional way.
The going's fairly heavy and spongy.they tell me there's no real recognised route.'Just go past the peat bogs and climb' is what i was told.

I'm saying very little else about todays climb,i'll let the pictures do the talking.
There's the hostel over there.

Ben More is a rocky ridge,and once i'm on the ridge,i want to walk from one end to the other.I try out my ten second delay.
There's someone up there.
It's a pretty precarious ridge in places.
It's also further than it looks !

Once at the summit i meet a group of local folk.What wonderful people they are.I'm being honest about that,and i'm not saying it just because they'll be reading this.I don't know what it is but i feel an affinity with the Outer Hebrides-maybe it's because it's been 65 years since my last visit.I was only six months old.
This group are known as 'Danny and the Juniors'.I don't think thats true,but in the group from left to right are Mira,Muirne,Jane,Archie,Penny and Danny.I was to bump into three of them later.They were doing another two peaks besides Ben Mor.
Danny took my picture at the trig point.

Once i'd walked the ridge...

...I came down more northerly than my ascent and rejoined the burn for the last section.
This propped up pointed standing stone was along the shoulder to the north-I wonder what it's significance was or is.
Back at 'Tobha Mor' i get a welcome shower,cook my tea and start this blog.
The visitors of last night have gone,and tonight there's Susan and her nephew Harry who hail from Arisaig who are cycling south to north,Angus nearly 70 from Dunblane walking the islands from North to South.

I should go and find some Wi Fi,but i think you're going to wait a little longer.
Ignore that,i'm going to lunch at the Borrodale where i did Day 6 and upload day 7.
Now on Day 8 i've been watching seals this morning.No good pictures,but some video for when i get back to Galloway.
See you later.

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Morning deer
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