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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Island Hopping with the Glebe-Day 8 into 9

Day 8

There's a cloud over Ben Mor this morning.
I don't know if i mentioned it,but after i'd finished Day 6's blog at the Borrodale Hotel and on my way back to the hostel,i took a little detour over to Loch Eynort to look for otters.
I heard lots of noise,but never saw anything.

So this morning(Day 8) after checking out of the hostel i headed back to Loch Eynort for a daylight look.
I didn't find any otters,but found a seal colony instead.Very playful and inquisitive creatures.

I filmed them on my video camera since i thought they wouldn't come close enough for a still shot.But this ones curiosity got the better of him and i got a few pictures.
(I'm quite pleased with this picture,so i'll just make a note here that my permission and accreditation is required for it's re-use)
Next it's back to the Borrodale for my Wi Fi and day 7 blog.Got to mention Richard and Angus for their courtesy and help.
I had brunch there as well.That would keep me going the rest of the day.
The rest of day 8 is in the pictures.

Without going into detail too much,i headed south to Eriskay(Famous for the film Whisky Galore) for a look around...

...then slowly made my way up through South Uist,Benbecula,North Uist and onto Berneray where i'll sleep in the SYHA hostel tonight.

This is the bunkhouse still being thatched.The thatcher is also a weaver,and he's not a local.It was good to talk to him though.
It's a little breezy here on Bernerey,but what a beautiful little island.Like it's southern counterpart Eriskay,it was only accesible by boat until recent years.Causeways connect many of the islands now.
After meeting new faces and some from earlier,i do some exploring up the eastern beach.
How much sand do you want?
There's plenty of life,but it's of the more natural variety.
A late cuppa and a chat with the other hostellers,sees me have a great nights sleep... here i am into day 9 and a look at the western side of Berenerey.
It's another fabulous day,and i get a collection of stones from the beach.
Over to Lochmaddy and i'm here in the Lochmaddy Hotel blogging and up to date.I've just had the home made lasagne made with local beef.
Oh i am enjoying this trip !


  1. I`m enjoying reading about it too Jim..!

    Looks like you have struck it lucky with the weather too.

  2. Cheers..I just wish i was more in the age group you guys's brilliant


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Morning deer
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