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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

River Cree Rescue 13th June 2009

Arriving back in Newton Stewart after walking in the Galloway Hills,me and my fellow walkers noticed a helicopter circling over the river.
It seems an elderly lady had fallen over the riverside wall,and broken bones.
The Royal Navy Rescue Helicopter from HMS Gannet SAR Flight Search and Rescue Flight based at Prestwick was scrambled.
In this clip the injured party is being hoisted into the helicopter.


  1. what an incredible video.i know it's unfortunate circumstances and i hope the injured woman is getting better too. you have really caught the whole thing well though. the helicopter is in really good detail. it's quite amazing that something as large as that can hover so still for such a long time. amazing!

  2. I too hope she's recovering well.Our local press say she had a broken leg and spinal injuries,but they never seem to follow up on stories such as this.


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