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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Island Hopping with the Glebe-Day 10

I'm up early,and first to the kitchen for my tea and porridge.
It's quite a pleasant morning.
Here on Skye,i'm beginning to realise just how big this little ol' island is.
One full day will never be enough,and here's another place to return to.
I've decided to take a little walk up the fairy glen this morning.

There's some campers from up from Ayrshire i think,they're just getting up and i pass the time of day with them.

A group of Asians believed there was no way onto this column.I told them to watch me.

I gave them a shout once i was up there.I suppose i cheated a little by reading about it the previous evening.

Next saw me take a run to Portree and my first view of the Cuillins.

Portree looks nice.I spent very little time there.
(I'm back in Portree uploading this log on the same evening.The only hotel in Uig with Wi-Fi is for residents only.Here in the Caledonian Hotel they don't stand on ceremony.)
Now heading up into Trotternish i get my first view of 'The Old Man of Storr'.
The place is heaving with visitors.Bikes,walkers,caravanners and campers everywhere.I take a few more pictures and move on.
I don't have a real excuse for uploading this ten second delay photo apart from the bravado of it.What the **** !

Kilt Rock near Staffin where the dinosaurs used to roam.
I'm still heading towards Staffin as the weather changes.
I head to the Skye Museum of Island Life which is very good.

All the exhibits are housed in thatched cottages.Very good value for money.

While on South Uist i forgot to mention Flora McDonald.Anyone who knows the Bonnie Prince Charlie story knows who she was,and although she was born on Uist,here a large monument has been erected.
I'm off to Harris and Lewis tomorrow.If i can get some dramatic thunderstorm pictures i won't let the change in the weather bother me.If it stays dull and drizzly i might make my way home early.


  1. I read once that the coastline of Skye is longer than that of France..!

  2. I read once that the coastline of Skye is longer than that of France.!

  3. loving your blog, jim.
    where are you now??
    x marie

  4. Hello Inky,sorry for the late reply,but i'm back in Newton Stewart now.


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Morning deer
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