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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Island Hopping with the Glebe-Day 9 later

Day 9 Later

After finishing this mornings blog,i take a little walk.
I'm not sure what the purpose of the strange structure on the shore's probably well documented somewhere.

The ferry from Lochmaddy arrives on time and were soon leaving North Uist.Not many passengers today.

I get myself on the top deck to enjoy the brine.
I take distant pictures between having several forty winks-must be all the fresh air.
Views of Harris and Lewis but no dolphins or whales this time.

This trip last an hour and forty five minutes.
With all the naps i've had Skye soon comes into view and i get my first look at Uig.
This is another picturesque looking port.Once we're docked i head off to look for the hostel.

There's no address to help me,but the picture on the brochure is good enough to find it.
I took this picture later.The Folly is quite a bit further away from the hostel than this picture shows it.This is one of the more upmarket hostels,it's £14 a night.
It's location offers lovely views over the harbour.

Once i get settled and after doing my washing i take a short hilly walk to take pictures and stretch my legs.
Now i've just had a cup of hot chocolate and talked with some good people from Kent.
Time for bed.

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Morning deer
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