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Monday, 13 July 2009

McCaigs Tower Oban

On my Island hopping trip i took a load of pictures inside McCaigs Tower above Oban trying to get a 360 degree Panorama.
This is the result.

Panorama of McCaigs Tower Oban on

Within Oban the most outstanding feature is McCaig's Tower, more usually and descriptively called McCaig's Folly. This is the Colosseum lookalike that stands above the town and features in many of the postcards you will find for sale in the shops on George Street.

The Tower was built by a local banker, unsurprisingly called McCaig, in 1897. The aim was to provide work for local stonemasons and provide a lasting monument to his family. The original intention was to complete it with a large tower placed in the middle, but this, like the intended statues of McCaig's family, never materialised. First time visitors to the tower are in for a surprise. The interior comprises a grassy hilltop, with the wall of the tower encircling it like a crown on an uneven head.

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