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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Wigtownshire Ramblers-Chapel Finian

Saturday the 8th of August and it's quite overcast.
We parked up at Corwall Port opposite Chapel Finian on the Glenluce Portwilliam road.
We think we're a group of twelve today,but the late arrival of the Glentrool contingent swells us to seventeen.Welcome good people,it's great to see you.

A quick look at Chapel Finians ruins and we head upwards on a track towards Corwall.Curly's raring to get a move on.

Between Auchenmalg and Portwilliam you can always guarantee the appearance of cormorants.This cairn is one of many in the area.Our walk leader tells us of a plan for a future walk,over the hill tops and taking in the cairns and hut circles that abound.
The short climb from Chapel Finian is the hardest part of todays walk,and we're soon in undulating countryside.
A view north towards Auchenmalg...

...and a rambler asks whether these woolly walkers have joined the group.They didn't stay with us for long.
Curly decides on a quick dip.
About now it started to rain.It's only a light drizzle,but it's enough for me to put the camera away for a while.I've been forgetting to bring along my small camera,which is ideal for days like these.
We continue in northerly direction until we reach the B7005 to Wigtown.
Here we follow the road east and past Culshabbin before turning back southwards via a farm track at the old schoolhouse.With Mochrum Loch and the Galloway hills as a backdrop,it's time for a photocall.
As the drizzle turns to rain,more waterproofs are donned.
Now we reach Airylick and Elrig House.
Elrig House was once the home of Gavin Maxwell of 'Ring of Bright Water' fame.The family still own and reside on the nearby estate at Monreith.More on this on Wikipedia at
Gavin Maxwell
Close to Elrig house we reach Barhobble,a 'Dark age and Medieval' church.Originally built of wood about 1050,with the stone chapel being added around 1125.
The rain's stopped as we have lunch.Curly keeps watch for titbits being dropped.
Back on the move and our leader informs us we've completed two thirds of todays walk.As we open and close another gate, he quips that todays walk should be called the 'Gate Walk', because there's been so many.
Now were alongside Changue wood,a colourful deciduous/coniferous mix.
Here on the Changue burn we come to the ruins of an old dam and watermill.Our walk leader enlightens us into the workings of such places.
Now as Luce Bay comes back into view it's all downhill... the roadside.As the car drivers are ferried back to the walk start,the rest of us relax and enjoy the company and the views.
Despite the weather it's still been an enjoyable walk....
...with this added bonus on the way home.

There's a couple of intrepid explorers get down this way occasionally.
Their most recent escapade was a Cairnsmore of Fleet climb.Anyone fancying a climb could do worse than follow their route.blueskyscotland

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  1. I was down that very way on Friday Jim would you believe..! Had a wee tour of the Machars and shall post it soon.
    Thank you for the plug..!


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