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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Wigtownshire Ramblers-Tarfessock

It's Saturday the 1st of August and todays walk should have been the peaks of Tarfessock and Kirriereoch.
Our walk leaders having recce'd the walk decide to prudently leave the Kirriereoch part for another day.
By the looks of the weather it's probably a good idea.
The usual car sharing from Newton Stewart,and there's not a multitude of walkers today.
Driving through the village boundaries of Glentrool i wave to a couple who've just recently moved in.We'll hopefully see these lovely folk on future walks.
We're a group of ten intrepid walkers as we get to the carpark on the Water of Minnoch.There's a couple of fishermen in waders having had no luck this far.The 'Awful Hand' peaks are all in cloud.
Campers and their noisy dogs are contemplating packing up and going home.I'm sure the weather forecast said it'll brighten up.
The first couple of miles is on forest road.The route takes us in a north easterly direction via Kirriereoch Farm and crossing the Pillow Burn towards the Tores and in the direction of Shalloch on Minnoch.
The end of the track and the climbing begins.It's been overcast but has kept dry up till now.
As we climb and look over towards the Cross burn in full flow it's becoming decidedly misty.
Wind and rain protectors are donned,and as usual i'm towards the rear.Visibilty isn't too brilliant now.
Our group leaders tell us of the views they had on the recce.Oh look! there's the Isle of Man over there.No matter how bad the conditions are,this group always look on the bright side.
Keeping up a fairly steady pace we're eventually at the summit of Tarfessock.At 697 Metres(2286ft),Tarfessock is the smallest of the five hills that make up the 'Awful Hand' range.Looks like there's only us up here today.
I get my camera set on 'Ten Second Delay' to get in the picture...
...a bit of a rush to get at the back of the group here...
...and one more picture before a welcome lunch and hot coffee.Shame about the spectacular views though.

We didn't tarry after lunch,and our route down is the reverse of our ascent.On the recce,our deputy walk leader had mapped the route on his GPS gizmo.After losing the path a couple of times this proved it's worth by getting us back in the right direction.I might just get one of these when i've a spare £120+.
We're below the mist now and we've a view down to Kirriereoch and Moan lochs.
Upon reaching the forest track,a few of us take a layer or two off.
No hurry now we're out of the clouds.There seems to be an infectious joviality around.
At Kirriereoch farm road end,a herd of friendly goats greet us.They weren't interested in the apple i offered them.I enjoyed eating it.
Who's this idiot?
Thanks to Scoop 1 for the picture.
This is the last leg back to the vehicles.
Looking back up to the hilltops it's doubtful they'll clear today.But we'll be back.
A very enjoyable walk despite the visibilty.

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