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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

2.13 at Cheltenham

On my recent trip south,i had occasion to go with a couple of my daughters to Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum.

I made mention of this on 'A trip south-Part 4-Cheltenham and the 2.13 Musical Relay'
(That's not me in the corner by the way)
I took quite a bit of video of the proceedings that day and the links to those are below.
2.13 part 1
2.13 part 2
2.13 part 3
2.13 part 5
This is musical improvisation.Probably not to everyones taste,but it was certainly an entertaining afternoon.
Apparently my upload of part 4 had found a mobius loop in the processing,so i've had to redo it.This link works.
2.13 part 4

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