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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Bladnoch Blues

Well i've done my bit of filming for South West Sounds(South West Sound
) Vodcast ,though they haven't uploaded the links just yet.
The filming seemed to go ok.
These are the links to the clips of the Emma Louise Dance Presentation.

Earlier i'd heard music coming from the trees the other side of the river.
There i found this barefooted musician playing his guitar.
He goes by the name of Marcus Henry.He'd won the busking competition the night previous.
He's just back from a barefoot backpacking trip to Australia.
I filmed him in the trees calling him A Barefoot Minstrel click:

I stayed a little longer and filmed some of the afternoon music.
Not perfect audio,too much background noise,but these are the links to those clips.
and Marcus again

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Morning deer

Morning deer
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