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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Cairnsmore and Belted Galloways

An advanced look at a view which will hopefully be seen this Saturday by the Wigtownshire Ramblers.I took this picture on the recce.

At Dallash by the Palnure Burn in Bargaly Glen,Belted Galloways graze under the backdrop of Cairnsmore of Fleet and Craignelder.

Panorama of Cairnsmore and Belted Galloways on


  1. Have you ever been across to Ardwall Island Jim?
    Bob and I were thinking of going over at low tide later this year..

  2. I haven't explored enough of that coast Alex,so the answer's no.Have you seen the short Youtube clip of Tom Campbell on Ardwell ?.
    I've been intrigued by the Murray Isles for a while,since my maternal grandmother was a Murray.I'll have to investigate sometime.

  3. I`ll have a look for the youtube clip Jim...thanks.

  4. I like your posts.They remind me the scenes from Wollf's books and Shakespeare's plays.

  5. Thank you Yağmur.I've never had a comparison with Shakespeare before.
    I like your Mr Pumpy Pop.

  6. This might not have got in first time, Jim, so here it is again! Are you sure your maternal grandmother was a Murray? Wouldn't want you to make any mistakes on your family tree!

  7. Thanks AndyD,that should read my 'Paternal Grandmother' of course


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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