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Thursday, 17 September 2009

A trip south-Part 2-Margam Park

Thursday the 17th of September,and we're going to Margam Country Park and Castle...
...but before we leave,this Robin Redbreast's looking for some seed.
We begin the visit by going up to these remains of the medieval church Hen Eglwys.

As we enjoy a packed lunch,i photograph some of the views.Below us sits the impressive and picturesque Margam Castle,a Tudor-Gothic style Victorian Mansion House... the west the steelworks of Port Talbot...and also below the remains of the old chapter house.
After eating we take a long walk around the estate and attractions.It's all free and run by Neath and Port Talbot Council.More info at Margam
A long tailed duck and a heron were among the many wildfowl we saw today.
I stitched four pictures for this panorama of the castle.
This is the west end.
A visit to the Orangery and Chapter House,and a herd of deer finished a very enjoyable visit.

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  1. Your comments and photos have convinced me we don't appreciate enough what is on our own doorstep! Thanks mate.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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