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Saturday, 26 September 2009

A trip south-Final Chapter

It's Wednesday the 23rd of September and a couple more days will see me heading back home to Galloway.
Which means i'll soon be saying cheerio to these two...

...and these three.

Today i'm having a look around Scunthorpe.I lived here for a while.Not a great deal changes.I dined out in Ravendale Street.It was declared the 'Culinary Centre of Scunthorpe' when they decided in 2003 to put out tables and chairs so customers could eat 'Al Fresco'.

Delicious food from Scalinis,but only pigeons and starlings for company today.It is quite cold though,and i suppose summer is over.

I'm taking a look at my ex employer now.It wasn't Corus or part of the Tata group then.It was the old dyed in the wool British Steel back then.If only they'd moved with the times,maybe we'd still be an industrial country.
I'm over in North East Lincolnshire tonight,home of the National Fishing Heritage Centre.Grimsby is still home to the largest fish market in the U.K., but most of what it sells these days comes in by road,rail,containerisation and even plane.There's very few if any Grimsby based trawlers these days-another great British Industry lost.
These two are the reason i'm here in Grimsby tonight.Cheeky Charlotte and Jaunty Jack.It's only a month since they were up in Galloway,but it's great to see them again.
As well as visiting the grandkids today,i visited old friends and neighbours,and it was nice to see them all,but i won't be moving back.

I've taken a run down the Trent Ports today.
I occasionally worked in these docks as well...

...but this picture is pure nostalgia and gratitude.The thick reinforced concrete wall behind these pallets is the reason i can write this blog today.Back in 1974 on the 1st of June this building was under construction.The walls were up,and some wooden roof trusses were in place.I and other chemical process operators in area 3 were saved from certain death when the biggest peace time explosion in the U.K occured.This wall deflected the blast upwards.
Deep bruising from falling roof trusses,displaced adipose tissue and being a nervous wreck for years afterwards soon used up the £250 compensation i received.
Read the HSE summary report here.

But on a happier note now,i'm taking my good friend out to the Waters Edge at Barton on Humber today.
Barton on Humber was the home of John Harrison the inventor of the Maritime Clock,and is always a pleasing place to visit.

The Waters Edge Visitors Centre and Country Park celebrates the wildlife and unique environment of the Humber estuary.
More info here.
Waters Edge
As well as great interactive displays,it has a nice cafe(The home made soup was delicious).With our shared interest in taking pictures and video we get some good footage.

On then ..

Panorama of The Humber Bridge on the Humber Bridge,one time longest suspension bridge in the world where i get this panorama.

There are views from hills to be had in North Lincolnshire.From South Ferriby head south on the road above Saxby and Horkstow.Here the extreme ends of the Lincolnshire Wolds give a view to the west and the Scunthorpe Steelworks and Windfarm...
...where the hazy sunshine gives the view a kind of Lowry come Landscape look.
It's been an enjoyable day in really great company.Tomorrow i head home.

The run home today...
...but first i get nine holes in with the boys.I'm just glad i only embarrassed myself at the first.
Back to No 1's house for coffee and presents (and the delicious Plum Bread made with the secret recipe)and i'm on the road.
I've had an enjoyable trip despite being full of cold.


  1. You will really laugh this time, but I will say: The pics of the places you worked reminded me "Hard Times".

    And maşallah( this is an Arabic- originated Turkish word means that God save them from evil eyes) to your grandkids. They are very beautiful and cute.

  2. Thanks for your comment yağmur.It was hard work at the steelworks.Many steelworkers didn't make it to their retirement.
    Thanks for the 'Maşallah',it's appreciated.
    You're a prolific writer on your blog yağmur,keep it up and you'll realise your dream.

  3. It was lovely to have you here for a few days. No secret to the plum bread (apart from a lack of plums), just a handed down recipe that works nicely. You make the area look very attractive - maybe we don't see whats under our noses sometimes.Look after yourself, see you soon.

  4. "'ll realise your dream". I see a new career for you as a horoscope provider.


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