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Saturday, 19 September 2009

A trip south-Part 3-Glamorgan Heritage Coast

It's Friday the 18th of September and we're heading for Ogmore by Sea.
On our way we cross this known as the 'Dipping Bridge'.Apparently at sheep dipping time,they'd dam the river,and the sheep would be herded through these holes in the side.
After parking up at Ogmore,we head south east.This is great walking country.There's quite a few folk around,including what appears to be a class of Geology students.Dirk enjoys getting a run on the beach,
There's lots of crumbling rock and crevices,and when we stop for our picnic,i'm soon off exploring.The rocks are full of imprints of small fossils of ancient creatures,like the one in this collage.
We continue on to Dunraven Bay,where the students unroll what seems to be a map of sorts.
This is even more popular than Ogmore,and the car park is fairly full.It's a pretty dramatic coastline.
There's a good bit of history here Dunraven
I reckon this VW lookalike is a DIY car.It's someone's pride and joy anyway.
Now we look around the walled garden.Volunteers are bringing it back to some of it's former glory.
A little further on we reach the steps leading down to the beach at Southerndown.Certain lassies may remember this scene from their childhood.It's been a fair walk as we retrace our steps back to the car.
We head off to St Brides Major in an unsuccessful attempt to get to the farm shop before closing time.No bacon and eggs,but i pictured goats,cockerels and turkeys.
Back to Laleston for a short rest up before heading out for dinner with a fellowship group at the Watermill near Ogmore.
Another very enjoyable day.

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  1. Stunning photos, Jim. You should consider publishing a book with the best of them


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