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Sunday, 20 September 2009

A trip south-Part 4-Cheltenham and the 2.13 Musical Relay

Saturday the 19th of September,and i'm leaving Wales.
After a hearty breakfast i have to say a reluctant goodbye and thanks to my kin for their wonderful hospitality.I'm travelling along the M4 and M5 heading for Cheltenham.
I'm met at B & Q by my twin daughters Sarah and Marie,and Sarahs partner Phil.Our first stop is a farm shop for some food.This 'Billy' couldn't care less.
After lunch we head down to the metropolis that is Cheltenham.
We're at the museum and art gallery this afternoon for a musical improvisation extravaganza.
Marie's parner Chris is co-organiser and one of the sixteen musicians for 'The 2.13 Musical Relay'.
In honour of the world famous 2.13 Music Company,at precisely thirteen minutes past two in the afternoon three trios will start improvising at three different locations respectively.
Some minutes after this the remaining 'nomadic' musicians set off in search of one of the three locations at their own discretion.
When a new musician appears and starts playing,one of the existing trio players has to make the decision to leave and heads for a new location (so that there are only ever trios playing at any one time)and so on and so on for two hours and thirteen minutes.

This wouldn't be every one's cup of tea musically,but i must admit it was highly entertaining.
In between times we had fun around the other exhibits.
The Bayshill was close by for refreshments...
...of the liquid kind.Pictures were taken all round...
...including funnies and others.
We spotted this wee lassie in a window-she wasn't really a prisoner.
In the evening we took a ride down to Cirencester,and a walk round.

These last few pictures are from that visit...
we got a few whoops and hollers from the limo.
I'll sleep tonight.

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  1. and it was very lovely to have you visit. these photos are great.


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