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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A trip south-Part 6-A Lincolnshire Afternoon

Tuesday the 22nd of September.
I'm taking a very good friend for a run out this afternoon.
On the route,i get a few more pub signs.
Just south of Laughton we saw a couple of tractors working.The sky and the seagulls completed the picture.
Thanks for this great picture Sam.
At Gainsborough we stop at the 'Trent Port'.
Owned by Crown Carveries you get an excellent main meal for £3.50.They've got the right idea.Keep the food prices low and you'll attract the customers.Crown Carveries
There's not too many in Scotland yet,but they're opening up everywhere.
Well fed,we head up to West Stockwith.It's here that the Chesterfield Canal runs into the river Trent.It's a popular spot for boaters.The marina was full,and quite a number of boats were moored along the canal.
A run through the picturesque Isle of Axholme villages on the banks of the Trent completed a lovely afternoon.

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Morning deer

Morning deer
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