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Monday, 12 October 2009

Bladnoch Colours

Monday the 12th of August and it's such a nice day i'm taking myself to the upper reaches of the Bladnoch.
I've a long standing project of this beautiful river that i may finish sometime.
There's many a stretch i've not even looked at yet.
Just below Loch Maberry the source of the Bladnoch,quietly and serenely sits Drumshalloch Loch.
Back when Loch Maberry castle was occupied i imagine the lords and ladies would wander around here.
It's a place to feel at one with nature.
Now this compilation of two pictures of the same view is the result of me trying a setting known as 'Colour Enhance'.
The top section is 'Colour Enhance' and the bottom section is 'Auto'.
Those people who know me,know i have a red/green deficiency (Deuteranopia),commonly called colour blindness,so perhaps i'll get some feedback on this.
To me the more natural looking picture is the one taken on the 'Auto' setting,although had i only seen the top section,i'd have had no problem with that either.
The next three pictures i've compiled the same.

Top 'Auto' - Bottom 'Enhance'
If you look at this picture full size,look for the smiley face with it's tongue sticking out that's appeared.This place is enchanted!

Top 'Enhance' - Bottom 'Auto'

Top 'Auto' - Bottom 'Enhance'
Any feedback appreciated.

I took this picture about one second too late-the 'Wee Folk' had just disappeared into the long grass to the right.
Isn't Autumn lovely.


  1. Much prefer the "enhance" option Jim...especially on the first pic.I think it probably looks more like it actually was at this time of year.
    Horses for courses though :)

    The colours are fantastic this year.Bob and I walked up the coast from Maidens yesterday and came back through Culzean Castle...lovely colours to the trees there just now.

  2. Thanks for that Alex.To me the true picture was somewhere between the two.A fellow walker emailed saying he preferred the 'Auto'in all pictures,but as you say-horses for courses.
    I don't know why ah havnae visited Culzean yet.Gonna have tae dae that sometime.

  3. i think i can see one of their wee pointy hats in the distance!

    the colour enhance seems to be on the grey side but very effective. i take pics through all different effects on my camera and it's amazing sometimes what difference it makes. sunsets are worth doing this way to pick out the best too.

  4. Too be sure Sez!I tink they'll be back on the boat now.

  5. Hi Jim, for colour i hav eto ay i prefer the auto in each case. Though the enhance option does produce some great effects. Lovely autumy images altogether *ruthie*

  6. Thanks Ruthie,looks like you had a brilliant magical and mystical time on the Shetlands.


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