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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Lagbaes or Ballocharus Burn

N.B.I'm applying blogger perogative today.I've colour enhanced all of todays pictures.A brighter blog to chase the clouds away

Thursday the 29th of October.

It's another overcast drizzly day here in South West Scotland,but it's brightened up enough for me to have a little excursion.
On the Ordnance Survey map,north of the RSPB reserve at the Wood of Cree is a disused silver mine.
Today i failed to find it!

Following the only track i could find i headed into the woods.
The leaves on the trees are now falling rapidly...
...and the fungi seem to have reached maturity.
I came to the end of the track.Consulting the map i headed in what i thought was the direction of the Silver Mine.The forest is thick,and trees are down everywhere.When i reach a clearing it turns into bog.I see the occasional animal track.A promising forest ride,and i imagine i'm close....and the heavens opened.
I've had enough and turn west.
Reaching the Lagbaes or Ballocharus Burn i follow it back to the road.I can take it easy now the rain's eased a little.
I thought i was back in Canada here.I know we've a few beavers back in Scotland now,but i doubt any have escaped to Galloway.No beavers dam this.
Following the burn down was a steady operation...
...but very scenic

It's not a big burn but has plenty meanders,floods and waterfalls at this time of year.(It's probably only a trickle in the summer.)
I've also discovered that i'll be the first to blog the label 'Ballocharus'.
You'll only find it on Google here after i've uploaded it.I wonder who named it ?.Balloch is from the Gaelic meaning Pass or Opening,and Arus from Malay,the current of a stream.
I'm finally back to the road at Low Cordorcan,overlooking the Cree.
I'm heading back home via Clachaneasy and on the way i take this picture of the Water of Minnoch at Brigton.
I'll be back to find that mine...maybe there's a big silver nugget waiting for me.


  1. Good idea the Google thing :)

    I`ll have to find somewhere now and be first to blog that..!

    Always fancied the sound of Pendicles of Collymoon up near Lake of Mentieth but it already appears on Google.This will require some thought..!
    Nice cheery pictures as well Jim I may add.

  2. Not had many firsts in my life,and i doubt that Ballocharus will be the topic of many conversations.

  3. This made me laugh today Mr. Glebe - I hope your feet weren't too wet after your wanderings - been on a wet walk or two with you in the past, I know you are drawn to this type of environment. I picture you as Ray Mears or Bear Grills sometimes - I think the next thing will be Road Kill!! Don't go there please!


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Morning deer
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