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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Little Millyea

Wednesday the 7th of October

Went on a recce with four fellow walkers today.
Little Millyea and Meikle Millyea were the intended targets.
Forestry operations stopped us from getting to our preferred start point,so we ended up walking the extra mile and a half each way from Craigencallie.
Once over the Black Water of Dee we headed up Darou through the disused quarry.The going today was boggy and tussocky.As well as the buzzard we came across a couple of fallow deer,red grouse,ravens and an abandoned birds nest complete with mottled eggs.
It was a cloudy and cold day for much of the time.Before beginning climbing we'd noticed a low cloud base,and as we ascended Little Millyea we appeared to reach it.
Reaching the summit of Little Millyea,i managed this picture on my ten second delay function.
The late start and the heavy going persuaded us to forget Meikle Millyea today,and find a reasonable descent.
We settled on a forest ride down to the forest road.
This provided us with much hilarity due to many slippy falls and lower limbs vanishing down boggy holes.
Finally reaching 'Terra Firma' we'd roughly two and a half miles back to Craigencallie.
Regardless of ground conditions i enjoyed this walk.Great fun.
This is probably not a suitable walk for the ramblers at this time of year.
Best be rescheduled for the summer.


  1. I wish I had a chance to get into these pics.They seem so relaxing.


  2. We do have a wonderful landscape yağmur,but i believe your part of the world has some dramatic scenery as well.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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