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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Ring of Barfad

Monday the 26th of October 2009.
It's a nice bright morning,so i'm going to find the spot where the Black Burn joins the Bladnoch.From the A75 i drive up the unclassified road past Shennanton House.
Parking up at the entrance road into the Ring of Barfad,i head through the woods till i reach the Black Burn.
The centre picture of this collage,is my first view.The Black Burn is a long meandering burn starting north west near Loch Derry,so it's a fair old flow by the time it reaches here.
Following a meander,i met up with the farmer tending stock.A nice sociable person she walked with me down to the confluence of the burn and the river.With lots of boggy ground to cover,i was pleased to have an expert leader.Here the Black Burn becomes slow and deep.The farmer tells me that after prolonged spells of rain it floods and looks like a loch.
Now my guide says goodbye,she's a lot more animals to tend.Thanks for your help.
The Bladnoch nearly doubles in size now,it's debatable whether there's more water coming from the burn or the river.
Now i head north up the river.It's a combination of slow deep pools and shallow rapids.I disturbed two snipes and an otter,and of course got no pictures.
Now back among the farm animals,i give the thoroughbred the core of the Braeburn apple i've just eaten.He kept nudging me for more till i got through the next gate.
There's a fair variety of farm animals about.This particular ram kept giving me the evil eye.
Now i'm taking a look up Ring Hill,know locally as Drum.Below the overgrown copse of trees is actually an isolated piece of land.The Bladnoch splits in two,and runs either side,hence the name 'Hopeless Knowe'.
The lady farmer had said there were lovely views from here,and she was right.It's just a shame my attempt to get a 360 degree panorama failed.
Now i head back to the car.
Now on my way home i stop for this view of Cairnsmore and Craignelder...
...and this one looking over Challoch Church.
I'm writing this Tuesday morning.It's wet and windy again.


  1. Yours is the only blog that makes me get my map out Jim.! I`ve never heard of these places and it`s good to see them.
    You certainly get out a lot :)

  2. There's so much hidden away in Galloway Alex.If i live till i'm a hundred and ten,i'll never get to see it all.
    I'm sure i'm going to come across someone making hooch one of these days.


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Morning deer
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