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Friday, 16 October 2009

Sunrise on Wigtown

16th of October 2009.
I awoke early this morning.After looking out on a clear morning i took myself down to Wigtown to watch the sunrise.
As well as taking photographs i set my video camera recording....

...this is the result.
Watch on YouTube here.Sunrise on Wigtown

This description courtesy of Last

Kiyoshi Yoshida majored in contemporary arrangement and film scoring at the Berklee College of Music. Upon his return to Japan in 1987, he became involved in composing various types of music, including sound tracks and commercial scores as a synthesizer operator and producer. In 1999, he released “ASIAN DRUMS” in sixteen countries including Japan. It won him high acclaim, particularly in the U.S. “ASIAN DRUMS II” came next and was followed by “UBUD” and “UBUD DUA” which he produced with his own band. He has composed sound tracks for NHK TV programs such as “Nihonjin Harukana Tabi” (Japanese on Distant Travels), “Ningen Dokyumento (Human Document)” and “Toukuni Arite Nipponjin” (Japanese in Distant Lands). In 2005 at the Aichi Expo, he directed the music for Kansai Yamamoto’s opening act “TOBUZO” (Let’s Fly! Festival of Life) In 2006, he was in charge of the music for the film, “Toki o Kakeru Shojo” (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) released in the summer of 2006. In 2007, he worked as the music director for the Kansai Yamamoto’s KANSAI SUPER SHOW “TAIYO NO FUNE” (The Sun Ship)


  1. Wow, what a video and what photos - well done. Well worth getting up early for. I hope you don't mind I've done a link from my facebook page - you'll have a few more fans before long - I hope you will be able to cope with the fame!

  2. Thanks No1,I'm just taking a break from mowing the grass.

  3. Sorry for the short reply then No1,I wanted to finish the grass before nightfall.

    Yes,it was worth getting out for,and not so early either.It was gone 7 am when i left the house.
    Will try a few more this coming winter,I hope to get a few snow covered peaks with the sun rising above them.

  4. I love sunrise/set pics a lot. But I am unable to watch the video since youtube is banned in Turkey. :(

  5. Sorry you can't get YouTube Yağmur,can you get video that's uploaded direct to Blogger?

  6. Yes, I can, I guess. But when the main link is youtube, I can't see the page. In Turkey, youtube, myspace and lastfm are banned. Ridiculous, isn't it? Thanks for the address. I am going to visit it.


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Morning deer
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